Typical Cases
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Installation of systemRegular installation mode: Install the sensor on device consist of tubulation directly, install the sensor on the pipe line directly, bear the pressure from inner flow and flush of flow. Integrated pipeline, make a integration of pipe and measure device, the same problem as above exsit, and operation of pipeline need to arrange pipe direction and position. Defect exsit, install electrochemical electrode as temperature and  pressure thermotechnical electrode, fast flow in pipeline, big volume of water flow form faster soaked separated out or poisoning to electrolyte inside the electrode, the measure value of electrode can not be stable; the variation of pressure inside the pipe is big, the life of electrode will become shorter under positive/negative pressure happens, the correct methord is a proper measure environment for the electrochemical electrode is needed .  

Installation of the system: Use P33 flow adjustment integration device, make a slot at near process that need measure, install small sized service valve, connect with 1/4″small pipe to P33 flow adjustment integration device, the exsit of device balance with pressure atmosphere, only need small volume of representative samples flow through the electrode. 

Use P34 flow adjustment integration device, the volume of flow is big in pool system, make P34 flow adjustment device stick or screw install on the mount fitting of pipe, adjust sample flow volume through needle valve on the device, make the flow volume at the exsit 200~400ml/min, if there is a seeper slot make the water flow back or give up. The pressure at the exsit is same as pressure atmosphere, there will no effection to electrode.


The flow adjustment device only consume a little mount of representative water sample, under small flow volume, the electrode can measure stablely, accurate operation, which avoid pressure to electrode, convenient operation, the change of use environment of the electrode make the life of the electrode much longer.