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Central air conditioning cooling water system is normally  use of municipal tap water as a multi-carrier for cooling. water has great physical characteristics of the specific heat ,which is a good refrigerant, the heat transferred by compressor refrigeration unit  can be quickly taken away

Make use of municipal water supply water as water supply, water contains a certain concentration of inorganic salt component.It can cause internal fouling inside the heat exchange system.At the same time, many  open operation of the cooling tower water directly contacts with the atmosphere, but also impuritiesaccess to some from atmospheric, during the operation of the cooling tower, cooling water vapor in the form of heat to evaporate into space, resulting in the continuous cycle of water concentration.When the conductivity is condensed to three times above, the total water alkalinity increases, which results in water quality aging,.despite dosing inhibitor  to cooling water, , heat exchange surface fouling tendency to still be significantly increases, then have to discharge part of the condensed water, adding a number of municipal fresh water, reducing the concentration of circulating water, dosing a number of inhibitors to maintain dispersion of inorganic salts in water to prevent from fouling of heat exchange.

三、Sensor installation The aging of circulating water quality is a slow process. there is no issue of measurements delay, measuring devices and instruments are installed directly on a wall monuted unit,. Check and maintenance is obviously very convenient due to the  possibility of  a lot of interference reducing.   

Strengthen the operation of cooling water management is to achieve energy saving for central air conditioning and extend the life of equipment.And control conductivity concentration through the changes of 

conductivity, achieve science-based sewage, water exchange is priority measures to save water resources .It can effectively prevent the excessive waste caused by sewage water .Prevent increased investment in

 wastewater treatment to reduce pharmaceutical waste, to achieve efficiency, low consumption, energy saving operation.