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T series Metering pumps advantages :

The shell is made of PPO material, high strength, aging resistance, long life;
The diaphragm adopts PTFE five-layer composite diaphragm,Flow pressure is more stable;
The one-way valve adopts a double valve ball structure, and the valve seat is made of PTFE precision processing, which is more corrosion-resistant;
The electromagnet uses electrical pure iron as raw material,The processing is difficult,More suction;
The coil is made of high temperature resistant enameled wire of a well-known brand.Longer life span;
The components on the PCB board are all branded by major manufacturers,Quality is more guaranteed;
16 MΩ-cm product water resistivity
Unlimited chemical clean in process
Extra low resistance, Low energy consumption
Easy replace for IONPURE modules
Run Xin Valve
Frequency Inverter
SEKO metering pump
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