Hebei Create Instrumentation Technologies Co., is a high-tech company, which is a professional developer and manufacture of chemical analysis sensors and  instruments. It specialized in fields of water purification online monitoring, process water integration management system, environmental protection industry and waste water treatment process.


Our products are widely used in ultra-pure water/industrial processing water/food, beverage/security of drinking water/municipal water supply/seawater desalination/environmental monitoring/waste water treatment/swimming pool &SPA/aquaculture/Energy conservation and emission reduction and so on.


We could provide three-dimensional expert service for customers from water online analysis sensors, digital sensors,  analysis modules, environmental instruments, system integration, database platform of Internet, APP terminal and so on.


Hebei Create Instrumentation Technologies Co., Ltd. accumulated rich technology strength in environmental field online monitoring and laboratory off-line analysis. Initially formed environmental pollution sources on-line analysis and laboratory sample analysis. Also provide a variety of customer needs in accordance with environmental protection online, laboratory analysis solution. Achieve on-line control in production process, pollution sources on-line monitoring,surface water quality monitoring, laboratory water sample analysis. Establish comprehensive monitoring early warning system and provide reliable water quality online analysis service for surface water, groundwater, potable water, sewage treatment plant and sewage outfall.